Start of the our Praktik began in May 12 before 21.00 o'clock. The trip took ten hours and we passed peacefully. To our dorm we reached at seven o'clock. On arrival we were staying in the room where we lived by two persons on the room. The food at the dorm was very good. On the same day we were nice welcome in the where we worked 1 month. The work has always been a law and order. For the all of the time of our stay we were divided into 2 groups. In the first two weeks were a separate group of logisticians and mechatronics, and the second group was: informatik and electronics which worked together. After , informatiker have joined the logistics.


Berlin 1.06.2013

In the last Saturday our stay we were in the Beriln. We left at 5:05 and we were at dorm after 22. In Berlin, we were about 10 o'clock. We visited Sea Life, a view point at the Park Inn, and two museums. Next we went to the Brandenburg Gate and we went toward the main train station.

Flood 2.06.2013

After our trip to Berlin was we hear unpleasant information. The city was flooded and the situation worse from hour to hour, because it didn't stop raining. River broke the shaft in some places and began to flood the city.